Frank de Groot, senior engineer at Tegema, has been awarded the Bronze ECP2 certificate. He achieved this by following a number of courses that have been certified in the ECP2 programme: the European certified precision engineering course program. ECP2 is a collaboration between the European and the Dutch Association for precision engineering, euspen and DSPE, respectively.

Starting in spring 2014, Frank de Groot followed the Tribology and Design principles for precision technology courses at Mikrocentrum, and the Mechatronics system design – part 1 and part 2, Thermal effects in mechatronic systems, and Design principles for ultra-clean vacuum applications courses at The High Tech Institute. He also took part in the LiS Academy Summer School on Manufacturability, organised by the Leiden Instrument Makers School. With a total of 29 points (each point represents one course day) he amply fulfilled the condition of obtaining 25 points for courses achieved within five years. On 1 December, he was put in the spotlight.

The courses mentioned, which cover a broad palette, are in line with Frank de Groot’s ambition to become a technical specialist in the area of ​​precision technology. That is according to Albert Coolen, manager of secondment at Tegema, multidisciplinary high-tech engineering firm based in Son and Arnhem, the Netherlands. “Tegema encourages the self-development of its employees. Frank has, for example, worked at several departments within ASML, and found that he was fully developed as a senior engineer. Together with him I have set out a long-term path to realise his ambition of becoming a technical specialist and he is following this path at a rapid pace. The drive really comes from within him. We coach our employees and offer them opportunities, but the initiative must come from them. In this respect Frank, who is also celebrating the milestone of a 12.5-year contract with Tegema this month, is certainly an example for others.”

Frank de Groot is the fourth engineer to receive the Bronze ECP2 certificate since certifying engineering courses started in 2009. In 2015, the DSPE initiative was scaled up to the European level.