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The Future of Precision Engineering
Wednesday 26 October 2016

17th -22nd November 2016

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The Future of Precision Engineering – 26th October 2016
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

This event will be the last outreach meeting of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision. The activities over the past 5 years will be briefly reviewed and the majority of the event will focus on where precision and ultra precision manufacturing is heading. As well as the technologies of the processes and machinery that will be required to push ultra precision into being a mainstream production technology, the event will look to what future products this emerging high value manufacturing technology will enable.
The event is aimed at decision makers of the future, those that will have the vision and foresight to see what the potential for this manufacturing technology can enable. Speakers from academia and industry will set the scene from their viewpoints, but active participation from the attendees on how they see the future for this technology will be a significant part of the day’s events and feed into the future of precision engineering research activities.

• Prof Paul Shore National Physical Laboratory
• Prof Bill O’Neill University of Cambridge
• Paul Morantz Cranfield University
• Martin O’Hara Cranfield University
• Adam Brunton M-Solv Ltd
• Dr Peter MacKay Gooch & Housego
• John P Flett DuPont
• Andrew Hurst Qioptiq
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