euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology), will be hosting its next annual conference and exhibition in Bilbao, Spain 3-7 June 2019. This will be the 19th Annual Event, and builds upon the enormous success of the 2018 event that was hosted in Venice.

The euspen Annual Event is unique in the precision engineering calendar, as it has become the number one networking event in the burgeoning area of manufacturing where micron and sub-micron levels tolerances and levels of accuracy are an every day requirement. It draws together commercial manufacturers, researchers, and academics from across the world, all working at the bleeding-edge of what is possible in precision engineering today.

The demand for miniaturisation of products or the manipulation of surface characteristics with micro or nano-level features is nowhere more prevalent than in the medical and life sciences sector, and because of this, euspen’s annual event is an important venue for OEMs, researchers, and academics with an interest in medical application.

It is fair to say that one of the key sectors driving innovation in the area of micro manufacturing is the medical device industry. Demand for minimally invasive curative and diagnostic procedures is growing exponentially as patients and medical service delivery organisations alike strive for a reduction in operation and recovery times, and an increase in the accuracy of diagnosis.

Because of this, over the last decade especially, medical product manufacturers have been designing (and seeking to manufacture) smaller and smaller components, with thinner and thinner walls, and complex and minute features. Couple this with the overarching demand from patients and healthcare providers to rationalise the costs associated with medical treatment, and medical device OEMs are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes.

As the demand from medical device OEMs grows in the area of precision engineering, a burgeoning number of technology and service providers are helping to fulfil their requirements. There is an active, growing, dynamic, and interested community of professionals in the precision engineering sector, and best results are achieved when this community networks and exchanges information.

Medical device OEMs and technology providers are not two discrete groups in the precision engineering field. It is vital for medical device OEMs to tap into networks, events, and information resources in order to understand what opportunities exist, and which technologies and service providers to engage and partner with. Stimulating partnerships and relationships are the lifeblood of future commercial successes.

For the technology supplier, partnerships with medical device OEMs are often vital to evolve and optimise solutions, and there is a pragmatic understanding that inducing OEMs to become early adopters is perhaps the only way to ensure that technologies are produced that best service industry requirements.

euspen’s over-arching mission is to assist in the continual development and advancement of the European precision engineering and nanotechnology sectors, and the annual event is a leading forum for OEMs and technology providers alike from across industry to network, exchange ideas, and forge lasting commercial relationships.

The themes covered in the 2019 event, and which run through the core of the conference and exhibition, are general advances in precision and nanotechnology, but with a specific focus on metrology, motion control, measuring instruments and machine tools, mechanical and non-mechanical manufacturing processes, replication and additive manufacturing, handling, robotics, automation and industry 4.0 for precision manufacturing.

To find out more about the event please visit, or contact Dishi Phillips Business Development Manager at euspen on t. +44 (0)1234 754023 e.

About euspen

The European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen) is an influential community linking industrialists, researchers, respected authorities, new, and established players worldwide. It provides an entrepreneurial platform that enables companies and research institutes to promote their latest technology developments, products, and services and keep up to date with those in the field. euspen’s defined mission is to advance the arts, sciences and technology of precision engineering, micro engineering and nanotechnology; to promote its dissemination through education and training; and to facilitate its exploitation by science and industry.