In less than a month, the cream of the precision engineering community will be focused on the latest developments and technology solutions in the exciting micro and nano manufacturing sector at euspen’s 18th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Venice, Italy.

euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology) will be presenting an array of networking opportunities and features at the event being held 4-8 June, including the globally respected conference, one of the largest gathering of technology and service suppliers in the sister exhibition, and workshops, the networking dinner, poster sessions, and technical tours.

David Billington, euspen executive director says, “As we approach the annual event in Venice, we are extremely excited by the momentum that is building. This year, we are set to see the largest conference and exhibition we have hosted in our 18-year history, and this reflects the continual dynamism and growth in the area of micro and nano technology. Industry is becoming more and more engaged with the possibilities that exist and can provide commercial advantage these days, and as academics, researchers, and active OEMs see this progress, we as a society working in the space see and feed the demand for quality information and the stimulation of business partnerships.”

It is in the area of networking and nurturing the forging of partnerships that euspen’s expertise is well honed. The Annual Conference and Exhibition is not just a place to sit and listen. Instead all attendees are encouraged to meet their peers and learn from the experience of professionals struggling with the same issues and exploiting the same advantages as them.

It is now recognised that for commercial OEMs, the technology and service suppliers that work in the micro and nano manufacturing space — and are populating the exhibition in Venice — must be seen as strategic partners not just job shops or “equipment” providers. To gain maximum advantage, OEMs need to see their relationship with suppliers as a way of enhancing the entire design to market process. With issues such as design for manufacture being so important, for example, it is necessary for OEMs to explore with their expert partners precisely what previously assumed limitations can be lifted, and how true design and manufacturing innovation can be promoted.

This year, the conference will focus on some of the most cutting edge developments in key areas of interest to the precision engineering community covering notable advances in the field, measuring instruments, mechatronics and control, replication and additive manufacturing, mechanical and non-mechanical manufacturing processes, metrology, and machine tools.

Attendees can also register to attend one of a number of tutorials being run on the first day of the event that cover the fundamentals of precision engineering. The tutorials act as a refresher or provide an ideal way to get up-to-speed on the state of play concerning such topics as the fundamentals of precision design, the basics of surface topography measurement and characterisation, optical measurement technology, the dynamics and control of mechatronic systems, an introduction to design in ultra high vacuum, and flexure design in mechatronics.

In addition there will be two workshops that are focussed on cutting tools and the EU dissemination project GPS&V.

Dishi Phillips, euspen Business Development Manager talks about the structure of the event. “We cater for the broad sweep of the precision engineering community at the Annual Conference and Exhibition. We understand that it is bringing together the experience of commercial industry, R&D professionals and academics alike that pushes on the art of micro and nano manufacturing. We embrace people relatively new to the sector, as well as seasoned players that have been active for many years, and relationships are forged every year that endure and allow technology to evolve ever faster to cater for burgeoning demand. It is an exciting time in the sector, and it is always so satisfying to see the buzz that is created when so many experts get the chance to meet, network, and discuss their initiatives.”

Registration for this year’s event is still open, although places are limited, so it is advisable to book your visit sooner rather than later so you don’t miss the boat (or the gondola!). Full details are available at If you have any specific questions contact Dishi Phillips Business Development Manager at euspen on t. +44 (0)1234 754023 e.